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Universal Programmer Analyzer-USB
- UUSP-S (UPA-USB Serial Programmer-S)
- UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer
- UPA-USB Logic Analyzer
- UPA-USB Device Programmer Software
- High-Speed USB Module
- TMS Adapter
- 78K0/HC912 Adapter
Extended Hex Editor Control
Obsolete Products:
- UUSP (UPA-USB Serial Programmer)
- Universal Programmer Analyzer
- UPA Software v2.3.1 Lite
- UPA v2.3.1 Lite password registration


UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v2.2.2.00 beta 2

UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.5.1.00
- Added support for Fujitsu and Renesas MCUs
- Fixed some bugs
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.4.1.00
- Added support for Fujitsu MCUs
- Fixed some bugs
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.4.0.00
- Added support for Fujitsu MCUs
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.5.01
- Added support for Renesas V850 MCUs:
uPD70F352x, uPD70F353x...
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.5.00
- Added programming by 3-Wire interface for Renesas V850 MCUs
- Added support for Renesas V850 MCUs:
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.4.02
- Added support for Renesas V850 MCUs:
uPD70F333x, uPD70F36xx...
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.3.00
- Added support for: ATmega48, ATmega88,
 ATmega168,ATmega169, ATmega328
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.2.02
- Added support for: MPC5606B
- Added support for: MC9S08DZ/AX/GB
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.1.05
- Added support for: MAC7241, MAC7242
- Fixed a bug with HC912/9S12 Oscillator Auto setting
- Fixed a wrong infineon XC2300 QFP100 package connection in the help
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.1.02
- Added support for Infineon MCUs: XC2060M/N, XC2336B-56F,XC236xA/B
- Added beta support for: MPC5604C/P, SPC560P44/50
- Added support for: MC9S12G
UPA-USB Device Programmer-S v1.1.0.03
- Added support for: MC9S12C, MC9S12P, MC9S12XHY128/256, MC9S12XA, MC9S12XB, MC9S12XS
- Added flash (p-flash/d-flash) memory programming for 9S12(X)(E) chips
- Added an optional Clock output on P4 pin for 9S12/HC912 chips

UPA-USB Device Programmer v1.3.0.14 revision 2
- Fixed "the code is not signed" error
- Added a new USB driver that is digitally signed and can be used with USB2.0/3.0 ports
UPA-USB Device Programmer Software
Fixing "the code is not signed" error
Registered users can login to ELRASOFT Client Center and get the fix

UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer v2.0.0.6
+ New usb driver supporting USB3.0 ports
- Fixed a bug causing the program to hang in certain situations
- A few demos are included in the help

UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer v2 Demo

UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer v2
demos available

UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer v2.0.0.5
+ Scripting support
+ Script IDE, demo scripts
+ Loopback configutation mode
+ Export Trace/Send CAN bus messages to a CSV file
+ CopyAsText to clipboard
- Fixed bug with applying of the software filters
- USB driver upausb.sys is digitally signed and can be used with 32/64-bit windows XP/Vista/7/8
UPA-USB Device Programmer v1.3.0.14
+ Added MC9S12HY64/HA32 support
+ Added Serial Flash memory support: A25L512/010/020/040/080/016/032, SST25VF512A/010A/020B/040B,

+ Added 24C1024, 24C1025 support

Full change log

UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer v1.2.0.47
- Waveform analyzer: fixed bug with Ack/Nack and Stuff error
+ CAN trace/send: Added an option
"Recalculate time after delete"
+ CAN send: "trigger" messages can be defined so sending will wait for receiving a trigger message
+ CAN send: Added a CAN message properties dialog box.  
+ CAN send: Now LED blinks always during sending
- CAN send: Fixed a bug with message pending when bitrate is less than 125kbps

UPA-USB Logic Analyzer v1.2.0.18 Beta
+ added CAN Bus protocol decoder
+ supports Windows XP/Vista/7 64-bit
- fixed some bugs



UUSP-S (UPA-USB Serial Programmer-S)

- USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible
- No power supply required
- In-circuit connector including 6 general purpose I/Os, overcurrent protected (40mA)
- 30 pins adapter connector
- Supports low voltage devices down to 1.2V
- Supports Motorola/Freescale HC12, HCS12, HCS12(X), HCS12(XE) families
- Supports EEPROMs 24x, 25x, 93x, M35080, more...
- Can be used with TMS and BDM Lockout Disable adapters
- Small dimensions 5.5x11.5cm
Price & Order

UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer

Standard: ISO -11898
-Suitable for 12V and 24V systems
-Ports: 1 x CAN 2.0B
-Transfer rates: 10 kb/s - 1Mb/s
-Supported CAN IDs: 11-bit as well as 29-bit
-Connection to PC: USB 2.0 High Speed port (required)
-Power via USB cable
-Tracing CAN bus data traffic
-Sending of predefined messages
-Sending of logged messages
-Six 29-bit filters
-Two 29-bit masks
-Software filters
-Normal and Listen-only modes
-Build in waveform analyzer with CAN bus protocol decoder
-Scripting support
-Script IDE

Price & Order

UPA-USB Logic Analyzer


- Digital channels: 8 or 16
- Sample rates*: 0.2Msps to 30Msps
- Number of samples: > 2.000.000
- Sampling modes: transitional and conventional
- Trigger: rising edge, falling edge, high, low
- I2C, SPI, Microwire, Synchronous  and Asynchronous Serial protocol decoders
- State List display
- Unlimited number of signals, cursors and comments
- Grouping Signals into a Bus
- Edit waveform mode: undo/redo; copy/paste/cut clipboard ...
- Easy zoom using mouse wheel
- Connection to PC: USB 2.0 High Speed port (required)
- Power via USB cable
* Maximum Sample Rate depends on your PC speed
Price & Order

High-Speed USB Module

- based on the Cypress CY7C68013A microcontroller
- USB 2.0 and 1.1 Compatible
- High-Speed (480Mbps) and Full-Speed (12Mbps)
- Four programmable bulk, interrupt or isochronous, endpoints, Integrated FIFOs
- Buffering options: double, triple or quad
- Enhanced 8051 Microprocessor
- 8/16KB internal RAM for code and data
- Software downloaded via USB or loaded from 16KB EEPROM
- 24 general purpose I/Os; I2C master bus
- Direct connection to most parallel 8/16 bits, interfaces, data transfer rates up to 40MBps
- Dimensions 60x35mm (2.4x1.4 inch)
- Application: High-Speed PC interfacing, USB 2.0 development
Price & Order (with 16KB RAM/EEPROM)


TMS Adapter for UUSP

- Supports: TMS370cx0x, TMS370cx5x, TMS375c006
TMS370cx36, TMS370cx42 by additional adapter  
- Software: UPA-USB Device Programmer Software
- Hardware: UUSP (UPA-USB Serial Programmer)
Price & Order

More purchasing options

78K0/HC912 Adapter for UUSP

- Supports: BDM Locked 68HC912D60(A), 68HC912DG128(A), 68HC912DC128A
- Supports: uPD780824/6/8, uPD780973/4, uPD780948/9
- 78K0 MCUs can be programmed in circuit or by a test board plugged in the adapter
- Software: UPA-USB Device Programmer Software
- Hardware: UUSP (UPA-USB Serial Programmer)
Price & Order
(78K0/HC912 Adapter & Test boards)
Price & Order
(As above +Software and Serial Programmer)

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